Monday, October 11, 2010

1100 Ducati Monster vs Triumph Street Triple R

 Motomodif: 1100Cm3 against 675 cm3, 2 against 3-cylinder, the most noble Italian motorcycle home against the most noble British; many components to track and a few compromises

1100 Ducati Monster vs Triumph Street Triple R. The naked segment has become one of the most crowded, every year new models are launched on the market, often anonymous, that motion as well as having an aspect winking not show then great technical features, and sometimes are works of high engineering and futuristic design, still other times, as in our case, we are witnessing a collision between two motorcycles who aspire to the title of queen of the naked bike and is not, perhaps, a case that a challenge on this ground are just the two bikes the longest segment The Ducati Monster and Triumph Street Triple.
In fact while the former is the founder and legitimate holder of the title, the second is not as "historical", is indeed the sister, the Speed Triple, but for our comparison, given the technical characteristics and composition, there is seemed that the clash best you could have with the R Street which, despite a lower displacement of the large Monster, do not panic at all, even accepting the challenge of its high budget and its technical data.
Both short and light, aggressive and dynamic lines certainly do not pass unnoticed: the Monster draws his historical frame, the Street with the equally typical double headlight, both are bare now so off of their technical characteristics: both offer calipers and radial braided pipes, both with a handlebar-section variable, both still have equipment from a science fiction film. The Street to try to distance the Monster in this race accessories, monoammortizzatore shows a gas-adjustable, while the Monster responds with a fork and a biggest brakes hypertrophic compared all'inglesina. Both under the saddle does not admit compromises: we should not bring anything back and the lock to open the seat is placed so scomodissimo on both competitors.
Comparison test
When is now the Monster to attack, to attract attention, with his low tones and his merry rattle, while the English, indeed archetypal, has some 'healthy understatment, ronfando almost silent. The dimensions of motion are almost identical, on paper the benefits are similar, then we leave for a beautiful ride to see if this supposed equality is real or not.
Both are filled with very low, so that tends to raise, but the Street seems to have a wriggle more. There we run into traffic and we see that the difference in handling time is also very similar: the reduced wheelbase and the wide range of steering can pose problems in the midst of the machines with the simplicity of a scooter, the Street, with a few millimeters less cheerful winds between machines, but the Monster is not as well.
When we go on we can see finally mixed the dough is made that these two bikes. The Monster snaps forward, build on its big push, but the Street is always there to heel, in detached, despite the best allocation of brakes dell'italiana not you see major flaws in stopping by the Street, as the stems have slightly smaller does not seem to take it at a disadvantage when we compare how to deal curves: both are planted, firm on their trajectories. The Monster seems to have the lead a little 'more charged and perhaps monoammortizzatore has some uncertainty in more than a gas of the Street, when you run into a small hill or on a piece of slightly uneven road. Speeds are almost identical, the wind, above the 170 km / h, on both inconveniences, which at the bottom, being naked, so much can not give, in terms of aerodynamics.
It is difficult to determine which is better, you look very, very defects were also similar: both have very little under-space (the Monster for nothing) and both have the opening of the seat positioned in the most inconvenient possible.
For this type of motion at the end seem to be equivalent, if not economically.
The Street Triple R, in fact, appears to offer at least one more thing as progress, the mono just gas, and costs about € 2000 less, not to mention that getting the same performance despite being a Monster 675cc, it means paying less stamp.
The question, ultimately, there seems to be more than a speech which is better, what is the best status symbol. The Street Triple R could also take to the track, but we do not believe that the Monster can not seem to us quite unlikely that those who buy one of these bikes will do to bring it to the track, rather it is likely that the design of the name el'appeal play a greater role in the choice.
In our view, therefore, in the end will be a few millimeters or less between any horse to make it prevail over the other one, but rather the look aggressive and indomitable dell'italiana ol'aplomb that hides the strength of its discrete English, it might be a question of cost and image to win the title of queen naked to one of two that still appear in a head to head, regurgitate personality off evil and not just the other rivals, almost all of Japanese origin.


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