Saturday, October 23, 2010


This Jap's style is modern! Inspiration from Suzuki TU 250 Grasstracker commonly called Big Boy. More close on the flat tracker style," explained Ajay, builder of Jl. Cakrabuana P. No. 27, Ds. Kecomberan, Gg. M. Toha , Cirebon. Unfortunately, the flat original style of this plant is not present in Indonesia. Create a builder actually be a challenge to adopt Big Boy in the other variants. Nearest clear his own Thunder 250

The main focus of the sector by Ajay on rear body. Since the theme MODIF Jap's Style, need to cut the rear body. To that end, the stern Thunder forced cuted 25 cm. "In addition to the display in order to pursue a Jap's Style, also for adjusting my posture. To be in the driving position will then be fit and not sore, "said Gilani was the owner's full name.

Next, the flow of Jap's minimalist style was impressed. To that end, the original tank had deposed Thunder. Instead, pairs of CB100 which have a smaller form than the original Thunder. More and more the impression Jap's, the headlights were also following the adoption of Sein CB100 front and back.

For the legs, still rely on the original quasi Thunder which only sweetened the installation of rubber as a wrapper tomorrow. Medium was replaced the original rims are wide variations. Solid impression increasingly visible with the installation of double discs Thunder 125.

Being part of the engine, not too problematic. The reason is, "These motors have a basic four-stroke engine 250 cc high-powered maneuvering of the time taken in all fields. Thus, the original power was already quite large, "close the club members Thunder Innovation Community (TIC) of this Cirebon.


Tires: Michelin Swallow &
Rim: ring Rossi 17
Handlebar: Mega Pro
Speedometer: Suzuki A100
Disc: Thunder 125 & Ninja 150


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