Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harga dan Gambar Yamaha Scorpio Z

Yamaha motorcycle new Z scorpio yamaha scorpio is the evolution of long yet seen in the price and specification it seems this latest two-wheeled vehicles is quite stable in price scorpio view that much changed from the original, after the launch or the launch of two new motor yamaha bison and New Scorpio Z which took place on Mount Bromo in East Java attended by the bikers or the well-known bands like the shaggy dog and steven and the coconut trees in Indonesia automotive taste battle is getting exciting.

Motorcycle yamaha scorpio Z above clearly have differences compared with the length of the image generation that proves the existence of differences in the appearance of the exhaust, lights, and almost the entire body. according to the bikers or lovers of motor sport-utility vehicles are more suited made touring much less in terms of the 225CC engine which is very supportive for long trips.
There are 3 colors available are scorpio black / black, red, and white. possible for you fans of touring motorcycles yamaha scorpio Z is a suitable vehicle for anda.Baca also news or other interesting tips about caring for the chain motor and garage modifications.
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