Monday, October 11, 2010


 Motomodif: The manufacturer produces the Milan motorcycle craft DUU; after Vun, here's a 2000cc twin-cylinder that will be presented Eicma

CR & S DUU in Milan means "two." After the thumper "Vun", here is the monstrous 2-cylinder that Italian manufacturer will present Eicma 2009, for the moment in the form of concept. A naked, laid down in tandem configuration with modular layout, where - as stated by the manufacturer - are summarized cultures motorsport Western European Cyclists' agile, sporty, twin-cylinder powerplant American, big and muscular. The CR & S DUU fact, the new engine is equipped with S & S X-Wedge "of 1916cc, an engine in line with the American tradition of the big twin-cylinder" V ", with innovative features and ultimate performance, though to meet the latest emission standards and noise.

CR & S has introduced the concept of motion VUN "tailored": starting from a standard version, each customer chooses his progress through a wide range of technical and aesthetic choices. The DUU wants to extend this feature by now typical of the brand CR & S: In addition to technical and aesthetic choices, the DUU also offers different configurations. The CR & S DUU, starting from a base or two seater form, support the main needs of the rider, offering ample opportunity for implementation, without affecting the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the project.

The CR & S expects to deliver the first DUU in Europe in 2011 with a target price for the basic version, of € 20,000.00 on the road, with a production of a few dozen units a year.

All tailor-made, by hand, one at a time ...


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