Saturday, October 9, 2010

MotoGP 2010

 Motomodif: A season is about to end, here's what lies ahead for the near future the MotoGP since 2010. Comes Moto2 while the premier class we talk about returning to 1000cc

MotoGP 2010. As each end of the season, we see large and small earthquakes in the MotoGP, more or less strong shocks that are already beginning to warm the atmosphere for the season to come. Contributes substantially Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, who anticipates that you are planning a return to 1000cc! Especially upsetting news that comes to the teams, which can only console with confidence that everything will not be before 2012, thanks to agreements with the organization of the championship. One wonders what could be the reason even if you could pull over the arrival of Moto2, too close - for displacement - the premier class.

Meanwhile, next year will be the scene of the debut of Moto2 precisely, a new class that replaces the 250. And already nostalgic for the 2nd time but miss the quarter-liter Ezpeleta is always talking and defines this new class as an economist for the teams, who bring equality to the garage and could be a useful category for apprentice pilots who want to grow and a career. So - ad - any change in 125 were to happen, however, follow these 3 principles.

On the grid, the names will be substantially the same this year. To which is added Ben Spies, freshly arrived fresh from the World Superbike where he debuted in a single year, fought and won. All eyes are on him and we could see an early preview in Valencia where the U.S. will make a fleeting appearance, already many are expecting real show, brawl from start to finish, perhaps with the tricolor true champion, Valentino Rossi. Although the Spaniards Lorenzo and Pedrosa certainly not give up the last stage, even Stoner seeking levied after he has heard so many rumors about him.

Meanwhile - other news that anticipates the movements of next year - Livio Suppo, Ducati Marlboro Team Manager Team leaves for a new adventure training ", Honda HRC. To him, happens not one but two characters: "Alessandro Cicognani, currently Head of Marketing Division Ducati Corse, will be the MotoGP project manager. To him alongside Vittoriano Guareschi, Ducati have proved successful, which will play the role of Team Manager, bringing all 'internal structure of the range of skills that stem from his long experience as a professional driver first and then tester, "says Claudio Domenicali.

What can I say ... we'll see!


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