Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Valentino Rossi, Masao Furusawa and Lin Jarvis

Valentino Rossi
As in life, in sport the result is important, but equally important is a pleasure and we've got the Yamaha. We have a great fusion of my teams - Australia, Italy, Japan, UK and many more ... many people together having fun. If in 2004 someone had told me that I would win four world championship with Yamaha and 46 Grand Prix I will enter the blood! I'm happy.

I have to thank first of all Masao Furusawa because we passed some difficult times but we were able to fix bikes and make the best machines, so I just have to say thank you to everyone who helped me in seven seasons, and wished everyone a good .

This is a very emotional day but I'm very happy also because I have no regrets and no bad moments or thoughts during seven seasons together with Yamaha. From the beginning it was something great and we worked very well together.

Masao Furusawa
First of all I do not believe Valentino is coming to Yamaha because the bike is not great but somehow it worked. After South Africa in 2004 I felt like I was in heaven, it is in a very interesting and impressive. In 2004 Valentino was the only one who can win on the YZR-M1 so that he contributed a lot to develop the bike.

I would like to thank Valentino very much, I started in MotoGP in 2003 and a year of terrible, almost like I'm in hell! I really want to make YZR-M1 bike better but more investigation, the more I realized I needed something else, more than a bicycle. So we found a Valentino Rossi.

This year not only Valentino but also three other riders who quickly so clear that our YZR-M1 is a pretty nice bike. This is mainly due to the contribution of Valentino over the years so I really appreciate it and I want to hope for the best in the future.

Lin Jarvis
In 2003 when we had a year we were the worst ever in Grand Prix racing and finally we say that anything that we would do, without Valentino Rossi in that chair will not work! That is the point where we decided that we needed him.

There are some interesting and secret negotiations with Valentino and it is a very important decision but, with support from Masao Furusawa and President of Yamaha Motor Company, we make it happen. This is a 'do or die'. With great commitment from Yamaha, the engineers and everyone in our team managed to work. We are very, very grateful for the arrival of Valentino to really change things around for Yamaha and we returned to winning ways.

We are very grateful and thanked him for it. We have moments of fun and exciting so much with him and with the crew that he was carrying, a great man. Today we will say goodbye to a large number of people, including Davide Brivio, Jerry Burgess and the entire crew. We have had a super time, it was really a very good team and we will lose them tomorrow, will be a strange day.


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