Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Suzuki Hayate

Suzuki sharp enough to choose the brand ambsador to line-up bike. Previously, they hook the Sule who were famous as the brand ambassador Suzuki Titan, prikitiwww! Then Andre Taulani fill celebrity figure to his Axello motor. Previously there was so strong Farhan attached as star Suzuki Thunder.

Well, now Irfan Bachdim can turn to Hayate. Viewing the dynamic Irfan as a footballer and a handsome figure, young and energetic, to say the election is quite appropriate. Irfan view is expected to divert the people of Indonesia for a moment to Suzuki Hayate which requires the strong endorsement. Understandably, the next door neighbor had ciamik motors are of course also more stable in the sale.


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