Monday, February 28, 2011

Versus Honda Tiger Tranformer

Honda's '07 Tiger team I'M King Modified from Gempol Pasuruan East Java.

Berkelir blue, like the character Optimus Prime. Buildernya from the workshop I'm King Modified (pe-de really be the King?). Bodyworknya all made from fiberglass bersosok angled with strict dimensional figure like transformers wrapped with futuristic graphics. blue tiger feet oto2 1Pasangan gambot foot of the parts used variations. This unique model front fork upside down, but it made dihand condom model with an iron pipe. Meanwhile armnya swing designed tubular frame. Increasingly felt from another planet, this section lined full chrome.

Spek Modif:

FORK : Custom USD, MONOSOK/HEAD LIGHT : Satria FU, VELG : Sprint, BAN : Battlax, KNALPOT : Conic, SPION : Terminator, MODIFIKATOR : I’m King Modified Putat.

Honda Tiger Wins Paddock '08 from Java Purwokerto.

Honda Tiger Revo design transformers all the body also made of fiberglass with a unique design. Dipinang suspension telescopic front legs with wheels and tires Battlax crossbar. While the back side of the swing unit is supported by monosok. A somewhat strange armnya tuh swing, having a certain original box, but added an upper link. However, the composition rada stiff upper link so that still looks like a regular box swing arm.

Spec modif :
Sok DPN: Custom, front disc: Variation, SWING ARM: Custom, quasi-BLK: monosok, BODY: Fibercustom, FRAME: Standard upgrade, DPN BAN / BLK: Battlax, LAMPS DPN: Custom, LAMP BLK.


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