Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Suzuki Thunder 250 Jap Style Modification Concept

Modif Suzuki Thunder 250

Here's the result if the two modifiers brilliant duet. Produce a work of death. Views obtained very classy and not the grade beans. Thinq Cycles (TC) and Aboben Variation (AV) as the two big names in Bali to make a Suzuki Thunder 250 is a classy look.

Modif Suzuki Thunder 250

Modif Suzuki Thunder 250
Spec Suzuki Thunder 250 Jap Style:
Rims: TK
Tires: Shinko 120/80-17 (front), 140/90-17 (rear)
Airs next: Upside down dirtbike Sport
Handlebars: Kitaco
Speedometer: Digital SFSM
Disc brakes: Kitaco
Front calipers: 6 piston Kitaco
Filter: zero
Sein: LED Carcon
Muffler: Supertrap
TC: (0361) 7495632
Aboben: 0812-3610-110


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