Monday, November 1, 2010

Kawasaki, CBR 600 RR

Here it is most fond of motorcycles dominate WSS podium last year. The standard version powered Although most weak when compared to compatriot product, ie, Yamaha, Suzuki and

To face competition WSS 2009, Honda did not do a lot of changes. Is this a sign of their ignorance? Or is this a full calculation. For what many motorcycle tampered with, if last year was almost perfect dominated the race. Moreover, given the economic crisis. Manufacturers certainly would not do actions that were deemed to be not necessary.

While most Digdaya R6 in terms of power and ZX-6R almost match, CBR 600 RR to take it easy with a peak power that has not changed, still playing in 120 PS @ 13,500 rpm. Honda only improves torque to 66Nm @ 11,250 rpm. That is, only rose 3.5% @ 10,000 rpm torque than the previous year. The increase in torque is obtained with the use of new, more minimal piston to cylinder wall friction. In addition, improvements in the sector more resilient valve and a new exhaust also contributes in this sector. Use new brake calipers also make this change a little more pronounced, because its weight is lighter than last year's CBR calipers.


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