Friday, October 8, 2010

Gilera Nexus Motor manufacturers can Italia

Gilera Nexus Motor manufacturers can Italia Piaggio is the most popular scooter manufacturer in the world. However, I know that initially designers, and others that sell reishi Guiseppe results skuternya design Franch worth 2 million to the Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Demand is also the world's scooter.
One of the reishi currently 300 Nexus and Nexus 500. For the first, its performance has been tested drivers try reishi, Simoncelli won the race in the class 250 ccc Phillip Island, Australia. Meanwhile, the 500 tried Tester from the Motor Plus.

The frizzy Simoncelli hijack motor racing with his style. But no body topple the mare in the corners. Scooter with a red burn out this claim .. Energy, ranging from lap down and hold on until filled.

Compared 'Her younger sister' of 250 cc, 300 Nexus Torque have more sip, namely, 23 Nm at 6,000 rpm propeller. Torque are the younger 20.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm propeller. It is clear acceleration Nexus 300 Smooth and more forceful.

Questions order, the motor is an older application, reishi Nexus 500. Reducing vibration and ideal geometry, the engine is designed learner-synergy with the double-cradle frame trellis. Including sokbreker back the point has been designed with customized settings rider. Spouse in front of sokbreker teleskopik 35 mm, which provides stability in the corners.
Still a matter of convenience, footing 3 feet designed according's position rider. In addition to comfortable seats and excellent quality, place the helmet under the seat designed for two at a time helmet, full face and half face.
How the Nexus 500? The sister is tested by Motor in Jakarta Plus. 4 engine valve SOHC one-cylinder capacity of 460 cc. Atomizer the fuel injection is the dry clutch system.

Riding position is designed similar supersport a little rest to the front. The total weight of 199 kilograms is divided by 48% to 52% front and rear. When ergonomi climbed with the rest to the front before, so the motor is very comfortable and balanced. Moreover, rear suspension can be adjusted up-and-down ideally rider.
For the purposes of this, the manufacturer reishi blend sokbreker front teleskopik 41 mm side by side with the quasi-progressive power drives that can be set within 7 points lower and higher. This motorcycle price of Rp 198 (OTR).

Machine: Piaggio Quasar 1-cylinder 4-stroke
Type: SOHC (single overhead cam), four Valves
Capacity: 278 cc
Diameter x stroke: 75 mm / 63 mm
Refrigerator: Water
Energy: 22.4 HP at 7,250 rpm
Torque: 23 Nm at 6,000 rpm

Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection
Front brake: 260 mm
Rear brake: 240 mm
Front tires: Pirelli 120/70-15
Back tires: Pirelli 140/60-14
Length x width x height: 2,110 x 1,515 x 780 mm
High seats: 815 mm
Tank capacity: 15 liters


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