Saturday, August 7, 2010


Lately, I have been seeing some cool concepts for motorcycles and some are a little beyond concept. Let me just say if they start making motorcycles like this it won’t be long before I have one.

Mission One

The Mission One (pictured above) has been ‘the talk of the town’ this month after its unveiling at TED2009. The Mission One was created by Mission Motors and is the fastest fully electric bike on the market. It tops out at 150 mph (250 kph) and can reach that speed without changing gears. Plus, the design is just out of this world.


Next is the Honda V4 Concept that was released to the public to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Honda V4 engine. With the release of the concept bike Honda promised that it would soon be the leader in the superbike industry and that no one will be able to touch the speed or design of their upcoming V4.


In a perfect world where Ferrari makes motorcycle this bike would be one of the coolest on the market, but for now it is just a concept. Designed by Amir Glinik the bike is everything that the luxury motorcycle owner would want. The bike would run on Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit and include a touch screen computer that managed the whole bike (as in overheating, gear changing, etc.). The question is will Ferrari even consider it?


Another electric beast, Suzuki says it is close to putting out the Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle (Crosscage for short). When speaking of ‘going green’ this motorcycle is the definition. It has no gears, makes no noise, has no clutch, and no emissions. Suzuki has every right to say this is the future of motorcycles.

Lastly I like to think large so here is a stretch and when I say streach I mean stretch…


This Jet Bike is a design by Norio Fujikawa and proposes that the bike flies/glides on an alternate mode of propulsion. I mean I know it is not possible now but I think it will be in the future. Just look, a little more 10 years ago we were saying it would never get better that Nintendo 64 and Windows 98… look at us now.


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