Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honda MegaPro Versus Yamaha Byson


Honda MegaPro Versus Yamaha Byson

JAKARTA-Byson Yamaha finally took off for the domestic market. Previously, Honda also launched the New MegaPro.

So how high-ranking party manufacturers that responded to the presence of wing berlambang Yamaha Byson adrift only a few weeks after meluncurnya New MegaPro?

"We're calm, because we thought MegaPro have a more complete feature," explains Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Julius Aslan when met interrupted the show 'Go Fast with' at Menara Imperium, Jakarta.

He mentioned, with the price of Rp19, 5 for the highest New MegaPro variant is clearly more expensive than the Yamaha Byson dibanderol Rp19, 9. "The difference Rp400 thousand, but we've got more feature complete," added Julius.

For example, have MegaPro design, order, and the engine is really new compared to previous generations, especially given MegaPro section rear wheel disc brakes that are not owned Byson.

"If you look at all the features and differences compared to its previous MegaPro generation, certainly with the cheaper price we offer a more complete," said Julius. (Uky)


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