Friday, July 2, 2010

full modified bikes

Motor modification tips
  • Development of motorcycle products today can be said quite drastic, seen from different models from famous brands, but even so many lovers of this two-wheeled vehicle or the lasim called bikers still not satisfied with the existing model, so that they make models in accordance with their own creations or assisted by the modifikator.
  • According

    full modified bikes, modified cars, modified
    to the bikers, in addition to modifying the bike allows you to channel creativity is also the event the designation of the identity of the iron horse-rider, but in practice, modify the mount's favorite aspect is often not noticed savety (security) and the lack sesuian with the applicable rules.
  • To avoid the things above, here are some rules in modifying the motor:
  • 1. motorcycle must dimodif by motorcycle modifikator experienced, so that changes to the framework can diperhitunkan thorough as possible, because no calculations are done in a motorcycle memodif will cause a very harmful thing, the penunggannya, such as motor driven uncomfortable, easily damaged parts more risky and highly fatal accidents.
  • 2. Wear motorcycle parts, high quality is very important to ensure the quality of the modification itself, but it can avoid the bikers from accidents in the iron horse.
  • 3. Changes are applied to the motor components do not remove basic functions, such as changes in the main lights and stop lights, Weser, rearview mirror, etc., because many results that reduce modiffikasi basic functions aforesaid or even menghilangkanya, besides breaking the rules berlalulintas Such changes could also endanger motorists.
  • 4. Expect significant changes such as motor color be reported to local authorities for demoted in BPKB (Book of Motor Vehicle Owner).


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